Work Package 2: Data sharing/pooling and harmonization of data sets.


  • Compilation of a common database that comprises national data sets from (long-term) monitoring stations on agricultural research catchments and field experiments.
  • Identification of relevant parameters for model calibration (and validation) in WP4, as well as harmonisation of the existing data sets.
  • Comparison of measurements by means of measuring procedure and standards. Monitoring sites that lack of crucial measurement set-up will be further equipped in order to normalise the collection of parameters for all research catchments needed for the up- and downscaling analyses (WP3) and modelling approaches (WP4).

Description of work

We design a database serving to pool the data sets from all project partners with information about loss of soil and organic carbon as well as sediment yield from (long-term) monitoring sites on both field- and catchment scale. In WP2, differences in data sets are identified and strategies for harmonisation are developed. Harmonisation will cover: observation data, modelling input data, measurement data used for calibration and validation of models, model output. Practices for increasing the semantic and technical interoperability of datasets will be proposed along with a common metadata schemes and a model of an on-line discovery service, linked to INSPIRE geoportal where possible. In parallel to the data and methods harmonisation process an extensive study will be undertaken addressing intellectual property rights, licensing and sharing of datasets collected within the harmonised database to assure fair exchange of data and data access. OpenData will be promoted on voluntary basis.