Work Package 6: Project coordination and transfer of knowledge


  • Frequent workshops to exchange knowledge between WPs and to communicate insights and findings to decision makers.
  • Compilation of a project website with progress news, download section for model codes, road maps, and promotion of findings.
  • Communication with stakeholders from the single countries of the project partners as wells as with JRC.

Description of work

Besides its coordinating function, WP6 aims to communicate the project’s findings to the wider community of soil erosion and connectivity researchers, and to model developers and users. Not less than the communication to researchers and modellers, WP6 will enforce a tight transfer of knowledge to stakeholder, local authorities, decision makers and practitioners in the partner countries, and to European authorities and research institutions, such as the EU commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). This will enlarge exchange of information and bridge the gap between the different geographical scales from farm or municipal level over regional or national level to European level.

The communication strategy includes the organisation of frequent meetings between the project partners, frequent workshops with stakeholder of the single countries, compilation of a website including a news feed and open access of modelling codes, as well as publishing and presenting of project results in well-established peer-reviewed journals and at national or international conferences, respectively.

Since both WP6-T1 (Transfer of knowledge and outreach) as well as WP6-T2 (Communication with stakeholders and authorities) can be summarised within the project coordination, BAW will lead WP6 including both tasks. However, all project partners are involved in the communication process, particularly when it comes to information exchange with the individual national stakeholders.